Monteverdi Creative Inc.


Monteverdi Creative, Inc. provides creative, technical design services to companies in the entertainment industry. With years of experience across a wide variety of products and services, we can help your company bring a new project to market or refine an existing product to keep up with the fast-paced marketplace of today's innovation.

Monteverdi Creative has years of experience in the following areas:

  1. Writing: All types and genres

  2. User interface design

  3. Information architecture

  4. Sound design for user interfaces

  5. Internet Producing

  6. Project & Team Management

  7. Broadband services

  8. Satellite television

  9. Feature animation support

  10. Database design

  11. TV promo production

  12. Documentation, both end-user and internal, including:

    1. Specifications, requirements, user guides and white papers

With access to a broad network of writers, designers, software engineers, artists, and others, there are few projects we can't handle. For more information, download our brochure or company info sheet.

Monteverdi Creative is incorporated in the State of California.

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